september 28, 2010

Tillieand Mertle would like to welcome you to Fran’s daily thoughts and Pics. Today I read and reviewed two great book by two great authors. Tracey Frishkorn’s book Strings of Deception is a great read. Master Your Sleep by Dr. Tracey Marks is an excellent resource for anyone who is having trouble sleeping. Read my reviews on to learn more.

I have also read and reviewed How to Spot Lies like the FBI and Cracks in the Rainbow by Mark Bouton.

Bertha’s revenge is in the works and should be out I hope by January of next year. It is my fourth children’s book.

Looking to my October 20th show with two great authors: Mary Miller One Small Victory and Linda Spear I Know You By Heart.

Read my reviews on Amazon and listen to the show to learn more.

Today’s thought: How can new authors market their books by themselves and how can radio show hosts on blog talk radio get more listeners.

Talk to you tomorrow with two more great pics and fran’s thoughts.



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