October 5th

Hi there everyone! I would like to tell everyone about how important it is to monitor what you post and write on many of the social networking sites. As someone who was a victim of bullying when I was younger I know how devastating it can be. Many kids who have poor or low self-esteem are prime targets for these other kids or even adults who take pride and pleasure in harassing them and hurting them because they are disabled, overweight or from a different country. There are many ways to combat being harassed and there are many things you can do to avoid being a victim of cyberspace bullying.

Be aware of who you friend on any site.

Do not friend someone just to gain more friends and have large numbers

Make sure that your webcam is off when you are online unless you are speaking to a friend

Check your face book or my space account daily and make sure that there are no posts that you did not accept or authorize- delete as I do anything you do not want on your wall.

Make sure you google yourself to know if anything else about you is out there. You would be amazed

Bullying is serious and wrong and needs to be stopped.


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